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From Desert dwelling to Farm livin'!

Updated: Jul 21, 2020

We get asked often how and why we ended up here and was this in our plans our whole life. Well yes and no. Lets start off with a little background of Tim and I.

We were both born and raised in the deserts of southern California. Living out our childhood camping, biking and playing amongst the sandy soil and Joshua tree covered hills. We met when Tim was 21 and I was 19, he was working in retail in our local mall and it was love at first sight ( at least for me I think haha). From our first date on, we were inseparable. We ended up moving in with each other and the rest is history.

After adventuring together for 4 years we decided to purchase our first home in a housing track with paved roads and street lights. Things we never had as kids growing up on dirt roads and things we longed to have ( I know, so weird right). One year later we had our first baby, then 10 months after that we got married. We did things a little backwards but its our way I guess.

From the time Everly was born, our minds started to change on what we wanted for our daughter. We reminisced about the times growing up on a dirt road, the freedoms and security away from town and our dreams started to change.

Tim was now a field engineer for T-Mobile, and his work was right there, so in town is where we would stay...for now. Fast forward 4 years later and we have our second kiddo, Maverick. Now our dreams were really changing.

We are an adventurous family. We like

bike riding, hiking, camping, we would find anytime we could to get away from town and play. We continued to talk about moving. Moving to a place where the kids could ride their bikes and dirt bikes anytime, a place we could tell them "have fun, be home by dark". Things we had as kids but never appreciated.

Year 2016, Tim gets a once in a lifetime opportunity to go help launch the T-Mobile network in Montana. We all jumped on board and embarked on a life changing journey. It was the springboard we needed to help us leave our hometown. Our home base was Bozeman Montana and we couldn't have asked for a better place. We played hard and loved hard there. We had no family around us, so our family bond between the 4 of us grew tighter than ever. The adventures we had were immeasurable. Not to mention this was the place that ignited my sunflower obsession. But once again Tim got another offer and our lust for new adventures was too great to say no. So we bid Bozeman farewell, promising to return often (which we do) and headed to Idaho.

Tim took a promotion, which landed us in Boise, Idaho. We've only ever driven through Boise on a road trip and thats all we knew of this place. With a storage unit full of our goods, 4 humans and 3 dogs in a one room hotel for 6 weeks, we were desperate to find a place. We didn't have too many prerequisites, just property for our kids to roam. we needed land for the kids' to play. All our talks and dreams back in California would be nothing if we couldn't find that open space we wanted to raise our kids on. Then one amazing day we drove over a hill, right into this tiny town of Emmett, a throwback in time. A place where no stores locked up their goods in front of their stores at night. A place where the fast food joint was a drive-up with REAL chocolate malts and up to this beautiful blue house and i knew it immediately. We had found home, we had landed!

With no true plans on what we were going to do with 5 acres...we knew a couple things. We wanted our own eggs, so we got chickens. I am a crafter and always wanted to work with wool, so we got Icelandic sheep. We wanted to grow all our own organic produce, a large garden went in. But the sunflowers were always on my mind. So honestly that was the first thing that went into the ground.

From all of this, our little farm business is growing. We've added in Bees, and have grown a beautiful 26 hive apiary. Our sunflower patches have expanded by acres with no end in sight.

We don't know what's coming next, we don't have a five year plan, or even a next year plan. This is how we thrive. We take this journey day by and day and give it all we have NOW.... we don't wait for tomorrow, or next week, or next season. We live for right now, as we never know what the universe has planned for us next.

As our farm business grows, so do we. Our knowledge is expanding and our love for cruelty free ( we are vegetarian, so all our animals are pets), eco friendly, sustainable farm practices is growing as well.

We are excited for our business to expand, for our knowledge to continue to grow and to gain the opportunities to pass our any gained knowledge onto others. And for our children to finally be in an environment to grow and flourish with the freedoms we always dreamed for them.

Cheers to all the fun thats coming!

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