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Mongolian Giant Sunflower Seeds

Mongolian Giant Sunflower Seeds


20 Mongolian Giant sunflower seeds NON GMO, 100% ORGANIC - Organically grown on our farm- READY for planting! USA Shipping ONLY


These Mongolian Giants are known for their tall height and GIANT seeds! Great for roasting!


These wonderful seeds have a HIGH germination rate. All plants were hand grown organically right here on our farm, then hand picked once ready.  Sunflowers make a beautiful addition to your garden, a wonderful living sunflower hut hideout for your kiddos to play in, or a great garden wall.  All while growing delicious edible seeds for you and all your bird friends. The dried heads make great decorations for your thanksgiving table, not to mention perfect hanging bird feeders!

Can be sown indoors 2-3 weeks before planting outdoors. Transplant when there are 4 leaves.
Expect germination in 5-10 days
They are best sown outdoors after last frost.

When sowing seed outdoors, we recommend a planting depth of 1 inch

Spacing: Plant or thin to 12 to 24 inches apart in full sun ( the bigger the space, the bigger the seed head will be). They will be 10ft to 12ft tall at maturity


Soil: Grows best in well fertilized soil but will tolerate poor soils


Temperature: Grown best between 75 to 90 degree days 


Water: Water everyday until sprouts appear, then water to keep soil moist. Sunflowers are drougt tolerent but will not grow to their full potential unless watered regularly.


ALL our seeds are grown, loved and harvested directly on our farm! Because we are a small farm with limited room, we do grow LOTS of varieties of sunflowers which increases the risk of cross pollination. Due to this, the seeds you grow may come up a slight different color or size than expected.
We do our very very best to remove all extra matter( leaves, petals, etc..) but being they are untreated, unwashed, and harvested by hands there may be a couple tag along pieces. But its OK, just extra compost for your garden bed!! 




PLEASE READ.. all seeds are fresh and viable. We will not be responsible for the germination of any seed since everyone has their own methods of starting, growing and planting them. We will only give you the advice that we believe works best.

It is the buyer’s responsibility to know whether any plant or seed is acceptable or allowed in your area . By purchasing this item buyer accepts this understanding.

Germinating and growing seeds can and will take many growing skills and the consideration of any fungicides, insecticides, soil conditions, and weather patterns during the growing period. These factors are completely out of the sellers control, and germination and growing results are the buyer's responsibility and risk ONLY!


PLEASE contact us ASAP if you are disappointed in your purchase and we will try and make it right, or help with growing suggestions. Thank you!